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When people think of digital marketing in the modern world, they will often think about a highly complicated subject that is changing all the time. While marketing is a complex subject, there is no doubt that changes have come thick and fast over the past years as technology has accelerated at a rapid rate. Looking back at the history of digital marketing can tell us a lot, but it can also show us some techniques that have lasted through the years which are likely to continue being successful. So, let’s look closer at digital marketing right now.

Email Marketing

Ever since emails took off in a big way in the 1990s, there is no doubt that marketers saw the opportunity and benefit to targeting customers directly. A lot of email marketing sent without clear guidance and thought was simply labelled as spam in the early days, and while this is still a common occurrence, many customers now sign up to mailing lists and the messages that they receive are much more welcome than they were. There has also been a lot of thought put into the theory of email marketing since it began to ensure that the emails are welcomed and opened by the recipient and not blocked by a spam filter. These include ensuring that they are not too long, that the subject line is spot on and that there is a call for action clearly marked.

SMS Marketing

Close on the heels of email marketing came SMS marketing, when people started getting cell phones that has readable screens that allowed customers to pick up messages from businesses. Again, this is a form of marketing that has managed to stand the test of time and is particularly good for small businesses and nonprofits as it is very affordable. There are companies which provide text messaging services for NPOs and others, with the main benefit being that it is a very immediate form of marketing that generates attention right from the outset.

Website Advertising

Of course, we now live in a world in which website advertising is ubiquitous, but this was not always the case and they just started creeping in when the internet became a global phenomenon. In the modern world, these tend to be a great deal more targeted as cookies are picked up on and companies have a great deal more information on what their customers want to see.

Social Media Advertising

It seems a long time ago when social media screens were filled up with adverts which were completely useless and therefore annoying. With many people putting a great deal of their info on these sites, it became much easier to check out who was behind the profile and target them with ads that were based on their specific web searches. Again, this has shown the importance of targeting in the world of digital marketing.

All of these are amongst the different ways in which digital marketing has transformed and taken hold in such a big way in the modern world. Of course, it is here to stay, but who knows what twists and turns it is going to take over the next few decades?