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Interview with Christopher Dell’Olio, CEO at WebJoint.

Technological advances are creating more opportunities and innovations across all industries today. In this interview, Christopher Dell’Olio, the CEO of Webjoint, will discuss how the Webjoint project is expanding the technology possibilities for cannabis logistics and how we may benefit from this.

1) Could you please tell us your name and a little about you?

My name is Christopher Dell’Olio, and I’m a 24-year-old entrepreneur with a strong interest in technology and marijuana. It has been more than eight years since I first started working in software development and web marketing. I draw on my previous work experience and skill set to help the emerging cannabis business capitalise on technological advancements.

Today, I’ve put together a group of people that are continuing to disrupt the cannabis sector with the goal of steering the industry in the right direction in the future. In addition to assisting in the growth of WebJoint to a workforce of more than 20 workers and the raising of more than $4.5 million in venture capital funding, my efforts have assisted in the achievement of our ultimate objective of linking cannabis brands with consumers.

2) What is Webjoint and how does it work?

webjoint.com is a comprehensive business administration solution for cannabis retail deliveries in the state of California. Features such as inventory management for delivery drivers, eCommerce solutions for online ordering, automated driver dispatching, geofencing + GPS tracking, and automated tax calculations are all available through our system. WebJoint is almost everything a cannabis retail delivery business in California would require to enhance their everyday business operations while remaining in accordance with state cannabis legislation….

Aside from that, WebJoint’s Brand Platform solves a critical issue facing brands and manufacturers in the cannabis industry: the fulfilment of direct-to-consumer orders. Prior to WebJoint, the largest cannabis brands in the industry were unable to accept orders directly from their own websites due to technical limitations. Using WebJoint’s Brand Platform, these companies may take online purchases and track the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns by utilising our extensive network of retail partners for fulfilment.

3) What do you hope to accomplish with your innovative software solution?

Our goal at WebJoint is to bring together the cannabis industry as a whole. The most effective method for us to execute that objective in our industry is to use technology, which is what we do best in our sector. We are bridging the gap between brands, retailers, and consumers by inventing software to make direct internet ordering more convenient for everyone. Consumers now have greater access to safe, lab-tested cannabis products from their favourite brands, which can be used for both medical and recreational purposes thanks to our platform. Consumer accessibility to cannabis products encourages more cannabis to be consumed and moved through the supply chain, thus enhancing the bottom line for all businesses operating in the cannabis industry.

4) What is the vision that has been developed for the WebJoint software?

The goal of WebJoint, in my opinion, is to use technology to close the holes that have been created in the supply chain. The cannabis business in California is dominated by brands, as current state regulations require that all cannabis products sold directly to consumers be prepackaged. It appears that the sector is undergoing a paradigm change, in which brands are gaining authority over consumers and exerting significant influence over their purchasing decisions. For consumers, cannabis is just another item, and as with any commodity, branding is the most important differentiation.

Due to the fact that cannabis brands are cultivating devoted consumer followings who are prepared to pay higher costs for their products since pre-packaging became mandatory, we’ve seen ticket prices on the average consumer order rise since the policy was implemented. Consumers, on the other hand, had no option to order these things directly from their favourite manufacturers prior to the creation of WebJoint.

A large part of my motivation for resolving these difficulties stems from my desire to find solutions to the problems I myself experience as a cannabis consumer. As I have grown acclimated to and aware of wonderful brands in the cannabis industry over the past few years, I have developed a need for their products.

Because I am a techie, I assumed that it would be simple to locate a product from my favourite brand and have it delivered to my doorstep. The process, however, proved tough for me due to the nature of California’s cannabis supply chain, which I discovered after hours of research and unpleasant ordering processes with the firms who claimed to stock my preferred product. The menu was erroneous half of the time, and a large number of SKUs were consistently out of stock. Since I was aware that hundreds of cannabis consumers were having the same issue as I did, I set out to try to find a solution for them. I came up with WebJoint.

I am motivated to continue to expand WebJoint into something that will continue to create new problems as they arise in the industry as a result of creating a platform that provides the support to delivery in order for us to have the leverage and infrastructure to prop up this solution for brands. Additional services and products may become available in the next 5-10 years, and the same spirit of innovation, ambition, and enthusiasm will continue to fuel the company’s expansion.

5) What services and features distinguish the Webjoint software from the competition?

We are currently the only cannabis delivery software that focuses on driver kit management options, geofencing + GPS tracking, and automatic tax calculations for both the origin and the destination of the delivery service. These functionalities enable us to provide the best service possible to our retail delivery clients by accepting orders directly from brands and completing order fulfilment on their behalf. We are also the only platform that allows companies to take use of our distribution network in order to sell directly to the consumer directly.

Sixth, could you please tell us more about the Brand Software Suite and how it operates?

Deliveries that make use of our retail software are able to communicate with the brands that they distribute. The delivery provider will have their available inventory products displayed on the brand’s white labelled ordering platform once the inventory has been linked to the brand’s ordering platform. In order to help retailers sell more of their products, brands employ their resources and marketing efforts to assist them. By resolving this one issue, the income generated throughout the supply chain increases.

What is the Delivery Software Suite and how does it function, please?

The delivery suite enables licenced cannabis delivery companies to manage their whole operation from a central location. To ensure reporting compliance, it handles everything from driver inventory kit management to geofencing choices, online ordering and auto tax features. It also integrates with GPS devices and the METRC to ensure reporting compliance. Customers of delivery services can register online, make orders for cannabis goods, manage inventory records, and earn more money from orders placed through the WebJoint brand platform, according to the company.

8) What is the amount of demand for software solutions such as WebJoint, and at what stage of development is the software currently in development?

Currently, there is a great deal of demand for software like WebJoint in the California market. Since the legalisation of marijuana in 2018, licence holders have been required to keep records to ensure compliance. In order to keep up with the increasing number of licenced firms that come online, we are always researching solutions to manage these businesses.

In particular, it is important to highlight that California is a unique market in that the state permits cannabis delivery services. In Colorado, for example, delivery services are prohibited, and all cannabis purchases must be made in person at a brick-and-mortar establishment. Given this, delivery is the future of the cannabis industry, as evidenced by the success of other tech platforms such as Postmates, Uber, Lyft, and others. The convenience factor associated with delivery, as well as a direct-to-consumer strategy, has been the foundation of other tech platforms’ success.

As the only cannabis software firm in California that is solely focused on the delivery market, we ensure that cannabis delivery services are given the best possible chance of success in this rapidly evolving industry by implementing our platform.

9) Do you have any opportunities for investors and business partners that are now available?

To date, we have raised a total of $4.5 million in investment. At this time, we are not searching for new investors to join our team. However, we are continuously on the lookout for partners with whom we might collaborate on a variety of other projects. For example, we are now looking for integration partners who will help us integrate their platforms into the WebJoint networking infrastructure.

10) Can you tell us about the legal aspects of WebJoint? Are there any restrictions or legal considerations that we should be aware of? What level of security does the Webjoint software provide?

As a result, we have to stay on top of the legislation that our clients interact with on a day-to-day basis in order to ensure that our software is allowing them to maintain compliance at all times. For example, our software restricts the amount of money a customer can spend in order to ensure that our personnel do not sell more than the legal limit. When placing a purchase online, we have included identification verification measures as well.

11) Could you please tell us more about your staff and customer service department.

Our team at WebJoint is comprised of 19 individuals. In order to provide the most comfortable user experience possible, our Customer Support and Development teams are laser focused on this goal. In addition to onboarding, training, and keeping customers up to date on the platform and any changes to compliance standards, our Customer Success Team goes above and above in assisting customers as we continue to integrate new solutions to benefit their businesses.

12) Do you have any further information that our readers should know?

While our team at WebJoint is dedicated to connecting the cannabis business through innovative software solutions, we also recognise the value of interacting face to face with our clients. California Cannabis Awards is an annual award event that recognises the most outstanding cannabis operators operating in the state’s licenced legal cannabis market. This September, we’ll be hosting our second annual awards event, which will honour 18 different categories of achievement. Nominations are now being accepted, and I’d encourage everyone to have a look! For more information, please visit www.californiacannabisawards.com, where you may also enter your nominations.