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Web Network Solutions for Small Business

No matter how small or large your company is, a reliable network is essential. However, there is a major difference between these two types of businesses. A large enterprise has the financial resources, staff and resources to create their own IT infrastructure that supports their operations.

For smaller businesses, however, they may not have the capital to invest in expensive hardware and equipment. This route could put the business in a financial bind that may make it difficult to recover.

They need a web network solution that is flexible and scalable, which will require minimal capital investment while still being able to support their computing needs.

Fortunately, they can go to a trusted managed service provider (MSP) to step in and provide them with the IT services they need.

Why should your business subscribe to a managed service provider?

Subscribing through a trusted managed services provider (MSP) to a web-based network solution has many benefits. This option is much more advantageous than what a business could have if it built its own network.

This is because your MSP trusted uses cloud technology to offer its customers enterprise-level server and network solutions.

Cloud technology allows third parties like your MSP, to provide IT services to customers over the internet. These web network solutions allow you to deliver IT services via the internet.

  • You don’t need expensive hardware – Many on-premise systems require that businesses purchase their own equipment and hardware. MSPs can lease servers and other IT infrastructure to businesses for a small fee.
  • Provide Flexible and Mobile Network Access – Businesses and employees can access the service from anywhere with an internet connection. Companies have many options, such as remote and mobile employees that don’t need to be present in the office.
  • Scalable IT Solution – Another advantage of a cloud-based internet network solution is its ability to scale according to your business’s needs. It is as easy as expanding your subscription to add server capacity. Organizations do not require separate networks for different locations. One account can be used to cover all of the company, including multiple locations and distributed workers.
  • Save Money – Not only do they not have to invest a lot of capital to create their own IT infrastructure but also, a cloud-hosted network can lead to greater savings. Businesses don’t need to rent large offices anymore because they don’t have bulky servers taking up space. They can also afford remote employees that don’t need to be present in the office. All of these factors will result in lower utility bills.

What are the best MSP services for small business networks?

Your MSP should have the ability to assist your business at different stages of your network or computing needs.

    1. Assessment of Network Needs
    2. Network Monitoring
    3. Network and Data Security

Assessment of Network Needs

Your MSP should be capable of objectively assessing your needs and readiness to migrate to the cloud. Your MSP should be able to advise you on whether you should completely shift your network to cloud computing or if it is possible to have an hybrid setup that allows you to have an existing network connected to the cloud infrastructure.

Your MSP should then be able plan and design your network, as well as assist you in implementing it, including remote hosting, virtualization or installation of servers and disaster preparedness.

Network Monitoring

Your MSP should take a proactive approach to preventing network problems that could lead to downtimes. It includes 24/7 monitoring your network by IT professionals who can remotely troubleshoot problems or on-site if necessary.

Network and Data Security

Your MSP must keep up to date with data security issues. Security should include constant monitoring, high-level security precautions like encryption and multifactor authentication, as well as regular audits of data centers.

To minimize damage, there should be an efficient and immediate response to urgent threats.

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