A CDN can offer WebSockets to ensure end users are able to stay at the same URL without worrying about cross-origin issues and complicated maintenance of multiple domains.

Using Websocket CDNs To Improve Communication

WebSocket API or simply “websockets” are protocols that allow for two-way communication, especially between a browser, and server. Websockets allow the end user (the person or computer who requests data) to access the requested data immediately. The websockets establish a continuous flow of data between the user’s browser and the server.

Imagine a websocket server which will not only host the two-way communication but also expedite it: The websocket CDN. The powerful capabilities of the content delivery networks are already strong enough to deliver great results for your company and workplace.

However, the websocket CDN can even enhance what websockets have to offer. Communication is crucial, whether it’s between customers and clients or between employees within an office. Websockets facilitate communication online, but the websocket CDN or websocket server will help these processes to improve the company. A CDN is an excellent idea, but a websocket CDN may be a better choice. You can make your websocket server a websocket CDN.

Websockets can use CDNs

Websockets can perform their tasks with ease and unparalleled efficiency by using a websocket CDN. Websockets are an extra line of communication between the server, and the user. Let’s assume that the company uses a websocket service to manage their websockets. This websocket is responsible for communicating with website visitors and the home server of the enterprise. Website visitors can request data from the website in a regular setting. This will take some time. That’s just half the story. After the request is received by the home server, it grants the request and will send the request again through the same channel of communication. This regular communication channel is vulnerable to latency issues, bandwidth variations, and especially problems with location. The further away the request is, the longer it takes to complete.

Websockets can be used to anticipate data requests. This means that there is already a line of communication in place for future data requests. It is possible to have two-way communication. One for original requests, one for granted requests, and one for future requests. This is how websockets speed up the communication between the user’s browser and the server.

Now, add websocket CDNs to the picture. This websocket server will not only perform the usual tasks of websockets but also use advanced caching and origin pulling and pushing capabilities and all other CDN capabilities in order to speed up the process. Websockets gather data requests and the websocket CDN will queue up data that meets those requests.

The websocket CDN will automatically queue in data that is available once there have been actual requests. While websockets do their best to maintain two-way communication, the websocket CDN supports websockets in this way so communication is always possible.

What’s In It For You?

CDNs can be used as websocket servers to help customers and current customers reach your website. Two-fold solutions are available for bandwidth and latency issues with websocket CDNs. Websockets allow for faster communication, reducing website visitors’ waiting times. The websocket CDN will ensure that data is available for immediate and future use. These websocket CDNs will also serve as a delivery mechanism for websockets. Your company and their customers will be better off using websocket CDNs.

Although using CDNs to host websocket server is an attractive option, you may want to learn more about them. Websockets are indeed a great idea. However, first-time users might be intimidated by not having enough information or websocket CDNs. Talk to any CDN’s and we will help you with all your websocket CDN queries. We can help you get the websockets you desire from websockets. Talking about websocket servers via CDNs may open up new possibilities for your company.


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