What is a Managed Security Service Provider?


A managed security service provider is an Information Technology company that mainly provides businesses with high-grade network security management and monitoring services. With global cybersecurity threats constantly evolving, outsourcing managed security services have become the best option for most businesses, especially SMBs that still lack enough resources to guarantee an optimal network protection.

Why Outsourcing Managed Security Service is Better for Your Business

When you choose not to outsource managed security to a managed security service provider, you need to hire a team of in-house IT security specialists. They will be in charge of watching over the security of your business’ IT environment. However, internally managing your IT environment stirs up a number of additional operating expenses (e.g. new security tools integration, labor costs, staff training, etc) that some SMBs may not afford. To avoid spending company resources to these operating costs, outsourcing network security services will be a great solution.

To further know why outsourcing network security services are better for your business, here are some advantages of hiring a managed security service provider:

The Advantages It Brings Businesses

1: Drive Cost Savings

By outsourcing network security services, you don’t need to allot budget for the integration of up-to-date security tools, wages of in-house IT security specialists, and other additional operating costs. Your provider will enable you to access high-grade security services by just paying a predictable and reasonable flat fee. Managed security service providers offer different kinds of service offerings that allow you to get the kind of service that will best meet your individual IT security requirements.

2: Access to Well-Trained IT Security Specialist

Managed security service providers are companies that are staffed by well-trained IT security specialists. They even provide their IT staff with regular training courses to ensure that they can provide services that align with current IT security standards and best practices. With that, hiring a managed security service provider can guarantee your business that only qualified specialists will monitor and protect your IT environments.

3:  Latest Security Tools

Managed security service providers have adequate IT resources that enable them to quickly integrate the newest security tools and solutions to their systems. These include technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and threat intelligence that help strengthen your network security. With well-tested and leading-edge technologies, managed security service providers have the capability to provide superior protection to the security systems and internal infrastructures of their your business IT network.

4: Proactive Security

With outstanding IT expertise and cutting-edge security technologies, managed security service providers are also efficient in providing your IT environment with proactive network security management and monitoring. With this, their IT security specialists will be able to set up dynamic IT security strategies that will help lock out risks before they infiltrate your network. With this, you will be able to avoid future cybersecurity threats such as data breaches.


Though businesses can maintain the security of their digital infrastructures all by themselves, this escalates a number of additional costs that can be expensive for some SMBs. By outsourcing managed services, SMBs will be able to get high-grade managed IT security services that are specifically tailored to meet their IT requirements. With this, SMBs will only pay for the exact security services that their network needs.

Choosing to hire a managed service provider has a lot of benefits to SMBs. This not only save you from additional technologies and salaries, but the responsibility to maintain the security of your IT infrastructure will now be passed to the hands of qualified IT security specialists. They will monitor the security of your IT systems 24/7 and guarantee that all of them are constantly protected from potential security threats.


With you having a basic understanding about what is a managed security service provider, you will be able to more easily evaluate a provider once you decide to outsource managed security services. By having a reliable team of well-trained IT security specialists, you can now focus on the other functions and competencies of your still growing business.


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