What is MSP Client Reporting

5 Reasons Why Client Reporting is Crucial for a Managed Service Provider

Being a managed services provider is not complete without client reporting. It is easy to think that the daily health checks you send out your clients are insignificant, especially if nothing is happening. These regular reports are more than just sending out a few graphs and numbers.

What is Client Reporting?

Let’s first define client reporting before we get into the reasons it is so important. Client reporting is the practice of regularly sending reports to customers about the health and performance of their IT infrastructure, networks, and other IT assets. This is why it is often called “health check reports” by most service providers. It includes key performance metrics that both you and your client agreed to in your service level agreement. It can be used to give your clients an overview of the state of their IT services.

Let’s now discuss why clients should receive regular health checks.

It improves the client-provider relationship

Good communication is key to happy client-provider relationships, just like marriage. As a starting point, your regular health checks reports can be used to build relationships with clients. This allows you to have a conversation about areas for improvement with your client based on your regular reports.

Regular interactions can make the relationship more personal. This will help you keep your customers loyal. Make it a habit to get to know your customers on a deeper level. You will let them know that they are important to you and that you are there for them.

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This helps clients to be more familiarized with your work

Your clients will appreciate regular client reports as a way to inform them about the steps involved in maintaining their IT services. Explain to your clients the key performance metrics and how they can impact the overall IT infrastructure.

Your client will appreciate your work more when they see the reports you send.

It promotes better accountability

This is where regular client reporting is crucial. Client reports will be able to show objectively if you and your client have agreed on concrete KPIs.

Client reports provide a detailed overview of the client’s network and other IT services. You and your client can work together to find the root cause of any problems. You can then determine if your actions were negligent or not up to par, and if you took the correct steps to avoid future problems.

It Establishes Trust

Your business is built upon trust as a managed service provider. Private companies trust you with their data, network, software, and applications even though you are not part their business. You are a vendor to them. Vendors who have control over their IT assets.

It’s a terrifying power to have. It is crucial to earn the trust of your client. It is important to demonstrate that you are only interested in their best interests.

Client reporting is a great way to do this. You can be honest about all things, even the bad ones, and show that you don’t have anything to hide. This shows you are proactive, not just in protecting your client’s IT assets but also in maintaining them.

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It shows results

While you can build trust and improve customer relationships, the most important thing is the results.

These are not things that can be explained with rhetoric. It must be based on substantial data. Your client reports will help you do this.

It will also show you the current status of your IT assets including bugs and threats.

It also contains the KPIs of your service-level agreement. These will help you measure the effectiveness and efficiency of your service.

Client reporting as part of the job

These examples show that client reporting is an essential part of managing managed services providers. cyberspecial believes that client reporting is not a burden but an opportunity to demonstrate our clients the same level of excellence we are.

We are constantly proving to our clients that we can keep their IT services secure and reliable by showing them how we do it.

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