Which is an Example of Cloud Computing
Which is an Example of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is still the most popular computing service. It is still confusing for entrepreneurs new to e-commerce. People no longer need to understand cloud computing and its workings. They prefer to learn about cloud computing by looking at examples.

This is how cloud computing can be understood. This makes it easy for people who are not tech-savvy to grasp its concept. Cloud can be identified as a useful technology by the familiarity with its services. These examples can help you understand the dominant technology in e-commerce.

What is Cloud Computing?

Let’s first define cloud computing. Let’s first understand what cloud computing is.

Cloud computing is a technological innovation that makes use of the Internet. It distributes computing resources. These resources can include servers, software, analytics, databases, statistics and other types of data. Let’s take an example of cloud computing to show how cloud services can answer the question “What is cloud computing?”

Example of Cloud Computing

We need to first understand what cloud computing is and how it works. There are three main types of cloud computing. cloud computing services :IaaS and PaaS are the three main types of cloud computing. Let’s look at each one to see what cloud computing is, and then we will show you how it works.

IaaS – Infrastructure as a service

Cloud computing offers many opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses. Its virtual infrastructure service reduces cost. Setup, configuration, as well as operations are all upfront costs. What is cloud computing? An example of cloud computing is based on IaaS. It includes virtual machines, hard drives, servers, networks and load balancers.

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The most costly investment in computing resources is computing infrastructure. Computing infrastructure includes data centers, storage facilities, networking security, servers, and servers. This makes the service very popular with users of computing resources. These are the people who will pay for the service. Businesses that require more resources in peak season will scale up. They can also scale down after peak season ends.

Many companies cannot afford to invest in their own computing infrastructure. Infrastructure as a Service has made it possible for anyone to start an online business. This opens up opportunities for those who cannot afford to build a physical infrastructure. This is how infrastructure service answers the question of what is cloud computing?

What is cloud computing? Here are some cloud computing examples. Amazon EC2, Windows Azure and Rackspace.

PaaS – Platform as a service

PaaS makes use of servers, storage, network security, and data centres. The service provider manages the infrastructure. PaaS instead manages operating systems, development tools and databases. This is the main difference between IaaS (or PaaS).

What is cloud computing?

An example of cloud computing is based on PaaS. Cloud computing provides a platform for developers. Platform as a Service is a runtime such as Java Runtimes. It can also deal with databases such as MySQL and Oracle and web servers. PaaS is easier for developers. Developers have the option to choose how many resources they need. Pay-per-use policies allow for flexibility in pricing and resource allocations, depending on the user’s needs. This policy is especially designed for developers who want to create applications.

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PaaS also makes it easier for developers. They don’t have to worry about infrastructure management. Managed services manage the operations. These services will not interfere with developers’ main tasks. This task would include application development, testing and delivery as well as management.

What is cloud computing? Here are some cloud computing examples that you can find under PaaS. There are AWS Elastic Beanstalk and Windows Azure as well as Google App Engine and Apache Stratos.

SaaS = Software as a service

SaaS, or Software as a Service, is the most widely used cloud computing service. This is due to the customers. This is the easiest service. The applications are used by consumers. They don’t have access to the hardware and software resources.

What is cloud computing? –  An example of cloud computing based on SaaS. SaaS includes applications such as email, Google Docs and Social Networking sites.

SaaS can also be used to provide software applications via the Internet. SaaS cloud computing service can be accessed as long as there is Internet access. SaaS uses the same pay-per-use policy as PaaS and IaaS. You can get it for free or as a subscription. Cloud computing service providers handle everything, from applications to infrastructure.

What is cloud computing? – There are many cloud computing examples available under SaaS. Google Applications such as Gmail, Google Drive and Google+ are the most popular. Microsoft Office 365 includes OneDrive, Microsoft Office Applications and Outlook.

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