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Cryptocurrency Analyst Mason Versluis Ranks the Top 3 Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2021

The price of Ether, the native cryptocurrency of Ethereum, has recently surpassed $2,100 USD.
Other cryptocurrencies outperformed forecasts, leading some analysts to speculate that investors may be acting irrationally in their enthusiasm because bitcoin continues to defy odds.
The recent “frenzy” surrounding cryptocurrencies that the market has been experiencing has thrown light on the vast number of potential financial opportunities that can become available as a direct result of investing in the appropriate cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, the value of which has recently skyrocketed to more than 59,000 dollars US, has been labelled as the “best performing asset” of 2020-2021 with a return on investment of approximately 800 percent. This prediction is based on the fact that Bitcoin is expected to continue its meteoric rise in value.

In light of these developments, as well as the abundant institutional investment and interest that the industry has experienced from the multitude of leading financial figures (such as Visa, Tesla, Paypal, and others) who have recently chosen to initiate new policies that allow them to accept various cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, prominent Social Media Influencer and Financial Expert Mason Versluis has provided his take on the most “safe” and lucrative cryptocoins. In his opinion, Bitcoin is the most “safe” and lucrative cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is a decentralised digital

Crypto Mason, an influential member of the TikTok community

Quant (QNT)
Gilbert Verdian, who is both the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Quant Network, is also the Person Responsible for Developing the Worldwide Blockchain ISO TC307 Standard.

According to Mason Versluis, the multi-product platform of the QUANT project, in conjunction with its decentralised exchange, has unavoidably heavily contributed towards the project’s significantly rapid rate of growth over the past couple of months. The platform makes use of its own virtual wallet and has witnessed a significant number of financial transactions so far.

In addition, one thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the possible longevity potential that QNT possesses. The digital currency followed a unique path, in contrast to the multitude of others that had a substantial increase in market price as a direct result of the BTC rally, and as a result, it has only very lately begun to continuously grow at an exponential rate. QNT has a significant amount of potential to continue rising in the future, and as a result, it serves as a significantly robust cryptocurrency investment at an opportunity cost that is relatively low. The current market price is just under $ USD 49. QNT has a prolific amount of potential to keep rising in the future.

Ethereum (ETH) (Ether)

The price of ether has recently skyrocketed to almost $2,100 USD, reaching an all-time high and continuing the excitement that has been going on for the past year.

Mason Versluis has offered his perspective on the various prospects for financial gain that exist for those who choose to put their money into Ethereum’s native cryptocurrency (Ether). One of these is the fact that its market price is still relatively low in contrast to that of bitcoin, despite the fact that its prominence is known all over the world. Mason states that this hints at the possibility of exponential returns on investment while incurring a very tiny opportunity cost.

Furthermore, it should be appropriately noted that the DeFi projects, which are currently a global hot trend, are almost all built on top of Ethereum. This has led certain market analysts to the conclusion that an even larger increase in the market price of Ethereum is likely to shortly follow. This is something that should be duly noted. Coin (CRO) In light of the aforementioned announcement made by Visa, Coin (CRO) is without a doubt an extremely rewarding investment choice that should be considered in 2021. “Crypto visa cards,” which can be used for financial transactions and conversions between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, are made available to the cryptocurrency’s most active users.

Mason Versluis has predicted that the demand for CRO is likely to increase similarly to that of Bitcoin following Tesla’s significant investment. As a result, investors should anticipate a consequent proliferation in demand for payment options and merchant accounts. This comes on the heels of Visa’s official entry into the market for cryptocurrencies.

The website, which already has more than 10,000,000 members and can conduct transactions in more than 100 unique cryptocurrencies from around the world, gives users access to a wide variety of additional advantages. For instance, the offered Visa cards may provide a cash back incentive of up to 8% on card purchases, which may be redeemed for cryptocurrencies directly.

Mason Versluis offers a fresh viewpoint on philanthropy, spirituality, and cryptocurrency all at the same time.
Mason Versluis, also known as Crypto Mason, is a major Tik Tok influencer and cryptocurrency expert. He is most well-known for his ability to mix the dynamic worlds of health and spirituality with the realm of cryptocurrency. Crypto Mason is known as “Crypto Mason.”

With a global audience that exceeds 100,000 people, Versluis serves as a financial wizard for the many people all over the world who are looking to find a balance between significant monetary success and financial security and a robust mental health. His audience is comprised of people from more than 100 countries. As an engaged philanthropist, he has on multiple occasions made use of his extensive professional connections to communicate with a wide variety of people and, as a consequence, organise life-altering altruistic donations. In addition, he has routinely carried out “giveaways” to his loyal fanbase as a way of giving back to those who have supported him.