Wireless Network Solutions
Wireless Network Solutions

Most offices rely on wired connections to connect employees to company networks and the internet. Research and studies are showing that workers who have the freedom to work wherever they like increase productivity and efficiency.

This flexibility doesn’t just mean that they can access your network from anywhere outside of the office via the cloud. This flexibility extends to your employees working in the office. You make it easier for employees to collaborate and communicate by allowing them to take their laptops with them everywhere, including to the conference rooms and offices.

Reliable wireless solutions are highly sought after by businesses. Businesses recognize the value of wireless solutions in modern work environments.

Wireless Network Solutions: The Advantages

As mentioned above, the main benefit is the flexibility it offers to employees. Wireless network solutions enable your employees to move freely about your office, communicate with one another and collaborate wherever they wish.

Implementing a wireless network can bring many benefits to your employees, not only the flexibility. These include:

  • There are no protruding cables. The main problem with wired LAN networks, is the number of cables that must be installed to make it work. There are more cables to install for every employee. This can make installation tedious and time-consuming. Hidden cables can also be a challenge. It looks ugly otherwise.
  • Wireless networks are able to handle these issues without any problems. There are no cables required, just wireless and routers. The laptops and cables can access the Wi-Fi network via Wi-Fi.
  • It is easier to connect multiple users – A wired network has another limitation: To add users, you must have LAN cables for each user. The user won’t be able connect to the network/internet without one.
  • However, wired setups do not have this limitation. Multiple users can be connected with one cable, provided that they do not exceed the maximum number of devices that can be connected to the routers or switches and the user has the correct credentials to access the wireless network.
  • Option for Guest Network – If your cafe or other business wants to offer internet access to guests as an extra perk, or so that they don’t get bored waiting in the lobby of their office, this is possible. It is simple to setup a separate wireless network to allow your guests internet access, but not the company’s data network.
  • This is obviously not true for a wired setup. You can’t just set up multiple LAN cables to allow guests to connect. It’s not practical. It’s also limited to laptops, and will not be able access mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Wireless Network Assistance and Professional Setup

Trusted managed service providers can help you create a professional network that works for your business.

No matter what stage you’re at, cyberspecial is for you. Should be able help you with your wireless network requirements

Wireless Network Solution Evaluation

Cyberspecial We can do an objective assessment of your IT infrastructure to identify areas for improvement. We can design, plan, and then implement a new network that supports the wireless connectivity your business requires.

Wireless Network Solution Hardware Installation

Wireless connections reaching gigabit speeds require that your network hardware can handle this bandwidth effectively to ensure your business can maximize its wireless network.

Cyberspecial can assist you in the purchase and installation of top-of-the line switches, routers and other hardware and equipment so that your wireless network is optimized and efficient for your business.

Secure Wireless Network Solution

Your business could also be vulnerable to cyber attacks such as DDoS attacks, hacking, and other viruses and malware. Protect your wireless network.


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