NetcoinCapital Token to be listed on XT Exchange

Istanbul, Turkey, June 16, 2021- NetcoinCapital, a blockchain-based firm based in Turkey that is primarily concerned with developing a decentralised economy, has now made the announcement that it will be listed on the XT exchange beginning on August 4th, 2021.

Investors will now be able to trade this security token with other cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin and ethereum, thanks to the newly created listing on the XT exchange. Traders on the XT exchange and the Coins Bit exchange will be able to buy and sell the new token that investors are considering purchasing if they are interested in purchasing it.

The Tron blockchain technology serves as the foundation for the Netcoincapital token, which has a total quantity of 102 million tokens. Of that total supply, 10.5 million tokens will be made freely available to participants in the ICO. The mission of the company is to make all of its clients fully aware of the company’s transactions, earnings, and other financial information at all times. In the past, noteworthy information was disseminated regarding the listing of Netcoin on the Coinsbit exchange.

“The company’s primary objective for the near future is to establish a decentralised economic system. According to Abbas Talebi, Chief Technology Officer of NetcoinCapital, “This listing will expand the accessibility of our service, which we feel will have positive consequences on our business as a whole.”

Additionally, the corporation has made public its intention to launch a brand-new programming format.

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The construction of a specialised facility is one of the many initiatives that are occurring simultaneously.

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The Chief Executive Officer of NetcoinCapital emphasises that the company’s objective is to “create a solid rapport with the cryptocurrency community and be their exclusive digital currency for transactions.” By acting in this manner, NCC will encourage additional growth in both the number of investors who use it and the number of people who use it on an individual basis. He went on to say that listing on the XT market is a significant step towards achieving this objective.

Regarding the company NetCoinCapital:

Netcoin Capital is a startup that operates on the blockchain. Netcoin Capital is working on a decentralised global operating system that has an infinite capacity for processing. In addition, the company is attempting to take the first step in designing and constructing a new generation of processors. The company is conducting research on processors that will enable each consumer electronic gadget to function as a supercomputer.

Regarding the XT Exchange. is the first socialised exchange in the world to operate within a commercial environment that is both decentralised and dynamic in its user base. At the moment, XT has amassed more than 7 million investing users all over the world. With a daily stable trading volume that averages 5 billion USD, this type of business model offers an innovative path forward for the whole sector.