You may receive an alert from YouTube TV stating that you are now accessing the service on three devices and that one of them must be closed. This error message appears frequently when a second device is turned on but no third device is connected to YouTube TV. Let’s look at why this message appears on your screen and how to get rid of it.

How to Fix the Error of YouTube TV Streaming on More Than Three Devices Check to see whether this is a known problem. If other users have lately complained about the same problem, it’s possible that YouTube is to blame.

Make sure YouTube TV isn’t playing in the background.

Even if you’re only using two devices to watch YouTube TV, the service may be running in the background on others. Make sure that all of your devices’ background apps are closed. Then see if the alert is still active. If this happens, log out of your account, restart the program, then log back in and give it another shot.

Make sure your app and device are up to current.

Make sure your YouTube TV app is up to date. Install the most recent version of the program, restart your device, and examine the findings. The message that states you’re already streaming on three devices is commonly triggered by outdated software versions, which can cause all kinds of alarms and difficulties.

Additionally, see if your device has a newer operating system version. Install the most recent updates and see if you notice any changes.

Make sure your app and device are up to current.
Make sure your app and device are up to current.

Clear your cache, disable your addons, and upgrade your browser version if you’re getting this message while watching YouTube TV in your browser. Alternately, try a different browser.

Make a new password

Did you share your password with anybody else? It’s possible they shared it with others as well. Unless you’re trying to stream YouTube TV to more than three devices at the same time, you won’t hear the message.

Change your password, don’t tell anyone else what it is, and see if you still get the notice. If the notice has vanished, it means that your YouTube TV account has been accessed by too many persons. Check if other devices have logged in to your Google account by going to your Google account, selecting Security, then Devices. This is a strong indicator that someone else has your password.

Make a new password
Make a new password

The YouTube TV App should be reinstalled.

Uninstall the YouTube TV app if the problem persists. Reinstall the app after restarting your device. If nothing seems to be working, contact YouTubeTV support for assistance. Let them know what troubleshooting approaches you’ve done so far so they can obtain a better understanding of the issue.


Log out of your account and restart your devices if YouTube TV shows you’re streaming on three devices when you’re not. On other devices, make sure YouTube TV isn’t operating in the background. Change your password and check for app and device upgrades as well. Reinstall the YouTube TV app and contact YouTube TV support if the problem persists. Have you been able to resolve this problem? Please let us know in the comments section below.


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