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How To Use Zoho Desk?

Zoho Desk, for those who are unfamiliar with the term, is a web-based help desk software that assists businesses in better managing their customer support activities. It enables you to manage, assign, and set up notifications for help desk requests in a straightforward manner. Several Zoho implementation partners can assist you in customizing the Zoho Desk to meet the specific needs of your company to improve the customer support experience.

What can You Do with Zoho Desk?

Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Communication with consumers can be managed in several ways across various platforms such as emails, telephone calls, social media, online chat, and the website. This will allow you to better handle the incoming tickets, and you will be able to close tickets more quickly if you assign them a higher priority. Follow-up activities with the customer can be completed quickly and easily with the aid of the Zoho desk.

Enhance Customer Service

Zoho desk can significantly increase your ability to provide excellent customer service. You can integrate artificial intelligence capabilities into your website or application to build a knowledge library of articles that will assist both the support personnel and the client in resolving issues. You can also provide proactive support to consumers before they even contact the support team, which will allow you to close tickets more efficiently and effectively.

Automate the Workflow

Manual processes are not only prone to errors, but they are also inherently inefficient in terms of time. You can automate repetitive manual operations and streamline the workflow with the assistance of a Zoho installation partner and the enhanced features of the Zoho desk. Track and address bottlenecks promptly, manage cross-functional service operations and keep track of who is accountable at all times with this tool.

Use Artificial Intelligence

It is integrated with Zia, an artificial intelligence-powered assistant that can not only aid in solving customer concerns without the need for human participation but can also evaluate consumer sentiments and provide recommendations. It has the capability of proactively triaging support tickets and even identifying irregularities in ticket flow on its own.


Zoho Desk offers a high level of customizability and flexibility. Workflow rules, email templates, employee responsibilities, and profiles, among other things, can be customized so that your company’s help desk has a consistent appearance and feel throughout the organization. Furthermore, you can customize and produce standard reports that include crucial information about your support center’s performance, such as the number of tickets opened, the average resolution time, the number of tickets closed, and other statistics.

Cross-Platform Integration

Other third-party applications such as Salesforce, Slack, Jira, and others can be integrated with the Zoho desk with relative ease. Custom capabilities can also be added through the use of REST APIs.

How to Get Started with Zoho Desk?

●    Use Departments to Organize the Help Desk

Every organization is divided into various departments, each of which is dedicated to attaining a specific aim. With the Zoho desk, you can quickly create different departments to manage, each with its mailbox, community forum, and social media channel.

  Set up the Email Channel

To resolve client tickets, you must first establish a route via which they can be received. Zoho Desk can effortlessly integrate your existing email address into its servers, providing you with a more efficient platform for managing tickets, responding to customers, and resolving issues.

●    Onboard Your Team

It is now necessary to onboard the support personnel for them to be able to reply to client tickets. When you enter the contact information for your agents into the system, it will immediately send them invitations to join the portal as soon as possible. It is necessary to grant access to different departments after they have joined, as well as to create user profiles, roles, controls, and permissions for them.

●    Check Your First Ticket

As a courtesy, the Zoho desk has already created an example ticket so that you may get a feel for the platform’s widgets, settings, and functions before creating your own.

●    Create and Respond to a Ticket

Create a sample ticket and send it to the email address associated with your ticketing system for testing reasons. The ticket will appear on the Zoho desk as soon as it is created. Responding to the ticket from the desk and subsequently closing the ticket are also possible options.

●    Measure Customer Happiness

Ask clients for comments on your customer service and you will obtain vital insights into where you are doing wrong, what things seem to be working, and where there is room to make improvements.

Many firms find that implementing Zoho CRM is a wise move. It includes several features, one of which is the Zoho desk, which is incredibly useful for quickly managing customer tickets. Zoho Desk can be integrated into your company through the assistance of a Zoho installation partner or by contacting the company directly itself.