The freeRTOS Vulnerability Disaster

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freertos security vulnerabilities FreeRTOS, an open-source operating system that powers many IoT hardware products' microprocessors and controllers, has been exposed to new vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities affect FreeRTOS through the TCP/IP stack. Versions affected Versions affected include FreeRTOS V10.0.1 (with FreeRTOS+TCP), AWS FreeRTOS V1.3.1, OpenRTOS, and SafeRTOS (with WHIS Connect middleware components TCP/IP). This is why it's a disaster Many IoT...

23 Top Cybersecurity Frameworks

Trends to Consider for your Cybersecurity Budget
best security framework Many organizations view cybersecurity as a priority. Every day, the need for effective cybersecurity frameworks increases. Cybercriminals are constantly developing new techniques to execute attacks. These frameworks have been developed to help organizations create robust cybersecurity programs. Businesses should be familiar with the best cybersecurity frameworks to enhance their security posture. Cybersecurity frameworks are defined structures...

IPv4 DNS Vs. IPv6 DNS – Implementation and Predictions

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ipv4 DNS vs ipv6 DNS The basics of DNS DNS stands for Domain Name System. DNS's primary function is to convert IP addresses into hostnames (alphabetic name) within a local network, and vice versa (Kralicek 2016,). Because DNS converts IP addresses into hostnames (alphabetic names) within a local network, it is essential to the Internet's success....

Tips to Avoid Becoming a Social Engineering Victim

Protect Your Website from Cyber Attacks
you can avoid being a victim of social engineering by Cybercriminals are clever, sneaky, and creative in their cyber-attacks. Social engineering has been used by these criminals to carry out their plans and exploit their victims to the maximum extent. They will use every trick and skill to get you in their traps. If you don't know...

Cryptography and Network Security Principles

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principles of cryptography in network security Computer systems and their interconnections through networks are experiencing explosive growth in the digital world. This has led to an increase in dependence on sensitive information stored and transmitted using digital systems by both individuals and organizations. In an age of viruses and malware hackers, electronic fraud, and electronic spying on global scales, security...