Skimming Attack

What is skimming in cybersecurity? Skimming in cybersecurity is a strategy used by cybercriminals to capture and steal cardholders' personal payment information. To steal card data, identity thieves have many methods. A small skimming device that reads a credit card's magnetic strip or microchip information is one of the most sophisticated methods used by identity thieves....

Banner Grabbing Attack

How to Become a Cybersecurity Specialist
Banner Grabbing What is banner grabbing? Hackers and security personnel use banner grabbing to obtain information about computer systems and services that are running on open ports. A banner is a text that is displayed by a host server and contains information such as the software type and version. Cybercriminals have an advantage over cybercriminals by...

Best CRM with Office 365 Integration

Microsoft apps are already known for improving general workplace efficiency, and Office 365 adds even more apps to enhance company communication and teamwork. When it comes to your organization's clientele, however, you'll undoubtedly wish to improve your service. Allow us to illustrate why integrating a CRM system into Office 365 is a feasible option...

Benefits of Office 365 vs Office 2019

Knowing the advantages of Office 365 vs. Office 2019 On the surface, Office 365 and Office 2019 appear to be the same product. The main distinction is that Office 365 is an online product with some offline functionality, whereas Office 2019 is a standalone software that does not require internet access but can (currently) interface...

Benefits of Office 365 Personal

Recognizing the advantages of Office 365 Personal If you're a home user, such as a student, or a microbusiness, such as a freelancer, you'll almost certainly need productivity software, and you have three possibilities these days. Option one is to use Microsoft Office 2019, option two is to utilize a free product, either standalone or cloud-hosted,...

Benefits of Office 365 for Business

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Understanding the business advantages of Office 365 Microsoft has stated unequivocally that it believes Office 365 is the way forward for enterprises. While Microsoft has had varied degrees of success in persuading customers to buy its goods, when it comes to business, it has an excellent understanding of what its customers need and desire, as...

How to Stop Phishing Emails Outlook?

How to Stop Phishing Emails Outlook
Stop Phishing Emails: Basics You Should Implement Stopping phishing emails immediately is crucial, as the potential loss is enormous. They appear to be legitimate, and even the most tech-savvy person can't identify them. To stop phishing emails, you should take the following steps: Training and Guiding Training your employees to think and stop before responding to an email is essential....

How Does Office 365 Work With Exchange?

Office 365, the cloud-based SaaS service offered by Microsoft, consists of a complete suite of productivity apps including Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel; as well as server-based applications like Exchange and SharePoint. Many may find themselves stuck between Office 365 and Exchange Online. Exchange Online vs Office 365 is a confusing matchup because users...

Office 365 Security

When it comes to cloud migration, many people are most concerned about security. While the cloud has apparent advantages over on-premises servers in terms of storage and collaboration, businesses are typically hesitant to make the switch because they are concerned that their data may be compromised. This concern has grown in prominence in the...

Office 365 Turn ON Audit Logging

How to Configure the Office 365 Audit Log? Microsoft Office 365 is a large and diverse ecosystem that includes Microsoft Teams, Exchange Online, Azure AD, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business, among other services. It's a lot to keep track of, and global admins are frequently responsible for numerous sub-admins and thousands of users. Audit logs...

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