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WallStreetBets Collaborates With BSCstarter To Launch The $WSB Token

With their new partnership with BSCstarter to launch the much-anticipated initial distribution offering (IDO) of $WSB, the WallstreetBets DApp is underlining their mission to cause a disruption in the existing financial sector. As a result of the partnership, BSCstarter will be the only platform that can host the public token sale. This comes as the WallstreetBets DApp continues its mission to bring financial democracy to millions of people all around the world, particularly members of the revolutionary BSC community.

Lionel Iruk, a Special Counsel at BSCstarter, stated that the company is really thrilled to support the projects of WallStreetBets and $WSB due to the fact that our ideals are so similar. “We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from our financial products and services while also becoming better investors by learning how to do their own research and having a voice in the community.” “We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from our financial products and services.”

There is no question that the traditional monetary system has been shaken up as a result of the advent of blockchain technology and digital currencies. Over the course of the past few years, the market has been subjected to a variety of manipulations, and a large number of financial institutions have benefited from these activities, while normal investors have been taken advantage of and disenfranchised. However, it appears that a new beginning is about to begin, as WallStreetBets and BSCstarter have joined forces to champion changes in the financial system and offer products and services that are more transparent in order to liberate the stakeholders in the industry and give power to members of the community. This new beginning is looking like the dawn of a new beginning.

BSCstarter is currently the only fundraising platform that is entirely decentralised, and it was the first-of-its-kind in the business. It gives the community the opportunity to vote on every fundraising campaign before to it being released on the platform. It is necessary for projects to submit an application to the platform in order to be evaluated by the members of the community. The total number of votes cast will determine whether or not the project is qualified to raise funds through an IDO on BSCstarter. The process gives the appearance of being easy to use. The platform provides an automated function, which not only makes the procedure easier to understand but also makes it more transparent.

On Tuesday, April 20, 2021, the public IDO was introduced through a partnership between BSCstarter and WallStreetBets. Almost shortly after the debut, all of the available IDOs were purchased. Because it has the capability of reallocating the special privileges of closed-door institutions to community members, the WSB Decentralized Application (DApp), which is powered by WallStreetBets, is an essential component of the $WSB ecosystem. It provides blockchain-backed financial products that are analogous to index funds, giving investors access to a diversified portfolio at relatively cheap fees and incredible returns over the long term.

Please visit the official WallStreetBets Telegram Group if you would like additional information regarding WallStreetBets. Please visit the official BSCstarter Announcements Telegram Group if you would want any additional information regarding BSCstarter.

Regarding the BSCstarter

BSCstarter is the first community-driven launchpad for Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Its purpose is to provide projects with access to funding opportunities without the stress that is typically associated with the bureaucratic hurdles, complicated KYC procedures, and a human selection process. The solution that BSCstarter provides is intended to make it possible for the community to select the projects that will be published by making use of the community’s collective due diligence and DYOR expertise. It offers a decentralised fundraising platform that delivers a community-driven, open and free environment with equal chance for everybody, ultimately empowering investors to filter through the muddled picture in which rug pulls eclipse the potential of BSC’s burgeoning ecosystem.

The WallStreetBets Decentralized Application

WSB DApp is an example of a decentralised application that was developed by the original co-founder of the global phenomenon r/WallStreetBets as well as one of the community’s moderators. Its purpose is to address the issues of fees and market manipulation, both of which have been to the exclusive benefit of centralised financial institutions for well over a century.