23 Top Cybersecurity Frameworks

Trends to Consider for your Cybersecurity Budget
best security framework Many organizations view cybersecurity as a priority. Every day, the need for effective cybersecurity frameworks increases. Cybercriminals are constantly developing new techniques to execute attacks. These frameworks have been developed to help organizations create robust cybersecurity programs. Businesses should be familiar with the best cybersecurity frameworks to enhance their security posture. Cybersecurity frameworks are defined structures...

IPv4 DNS Vs. IPv6 DNS – Implementation and Predictions

steps to prevent data breach
ipv4 DNS vs ipv6 DNS The basics of DNS DNS stands for Domain Name System. DNS's primary function is to convert IP addresses into hostnames (alphabetic name) within a local network, and vice versa (Kralicek 2016,). Because DNS converts IP addresses into hostnames (alphabetic names) within a local network, it is essential to the Internet's success....

Tips to Avoid Becoming a Social Engineering Victim

Protect Your Website from Cyber Attacks
you can avoid being a victim of social engineering by Cybercriminals are clever, sneaky, and creative in their cyber-attacks. Social engineering has been used by these criminals to carry out their plans and exploit their victims to the maximum extent. They will use every trick and skill to get you in their traps. If you don't know...

Chrome Extension Hack

Virtualization Security
How You Might Get Hacked By a Chrome Extension Chrome extensions are useful tools that improve your browsing experience. However, they may contain viruses that could compromise your computer's security. This can have serious consequences. Consider all of the sensitive information stored in your browser. You are responsible for passwords, social media accounts, and credit card credentials. Even...

Skimming Attack

What is skimming in cybersecurity? Skimming in cybersecurity is a strategy used by cybercriminals to capture and steal cardholders' personal payment information. To steal card data, identity thieves have many methods. A small skimming device that reads a credit card's magnetic strip or microchip information is one of the most sophisticated methods used by identity thieves....

Cissp Audio Study Guide

How to Encrypt an External Hard Drive
How I passed the CISSP exam without reading any books Reading is not my preferred learning method. Today's world of podcasts, audiobooks, and podcasts means that people are less likely to be able to learn by reading and writing. This is my opinion. Audiobooks and video training are my favorite ways to learn. These learning methods were...

How Cybercriminals Plan Attacks

History of Cybersecurity
how cybercriminals plan attacks Every cybersecurity expert must know how cybercriminals plan attacks. Cybercriminals employ a variety of tools and techniques to determine the vulnerabilities of their victims. Targets can be individuals or organizations. Cyber-attacks are often used to steal valuable information and breach systems. Both passive and active attacks are planned by criminals. Active attacks are...

End-User Guidelines for Password Security

Top Cybersecurity Tools
end-user guidelines for password security You can save your job and reputation by following the guidelines of end-users for password security. Passwords are still a popular security measure for authorizing and authenticating access to online resources. You are at risk if you don't follow the proper guidelines for password security. As many possible passwords are available,...

Why is Cybercrime Expanding Rapidly?

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why is cybercrime expanding rapidly Cybercriminals don't discriminate between large and small businesses, which is why cybercrime has been growing rapidly. Unprecedented incidents such as data breaches, ransomware attacks, and cyberterrorism are on the rise. Recent high-profile attacks show that adversaries are relentless in their malicious intent. Organizations all around the globe have suffered untold financial...

What Do Virtually All Phishing Emails Have in Common?

What Do Virtually All Phishing Emails Have in Common
What are the commonalities of Phishing emails? Understanding the commonalities of Phishing Emails will help you quickly recognize them and prevent them from becoming a threat to your computer. What's phishing? Hackers use phishing to obtain personal information via deceptive websites and e-mails. This attack uses disguised email to its advantage. It is intended to fool the target into...

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