does vpn server location matter is your own country safe

VPN services allow you to connect to thousands of servers and hundreds of locations. It can be difficult to find the right VPN server location. This could impact your browsing experience. What is the importance of a VPN server? Can you connect to a VPN server within your country?

It all depends on what you’re looking for. A country that you choose to connect may be different if you are looking to stream movies, unblock content or protect your privacy. Let’s find out how to choose the right VPN location.

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Is a VPN server location important

A VPN server location matters depending on your needs. It may affect your internet speed, privacy, and ability to unblock content . For the best browsing experience, it is crucial to select the right VPN server location.

Where is the best location for VPN?

The best VPN location is one that has been algorithmically chosen to provide the highest performance VPN server. This location will offer the highest speed and security for you. This location usually has the lowest-loaded VPN Server. Even in your country, the optimal location is just as private and secure as any other.

How do you choose the best VPN server location

The best VPN location can be chosen for privacy, speed, and unblocking of content. You might choose a different VPN server location in each case.

Let’s find out how to choose the best VPN country for optimal performance.

Best VPN server location to unblock content

The content that you can unblock depends on the VPN server you use. To stream the latest US-exclusive Netflix video, you will need to connect to the US server. Virtually, a VPN changes your location to make you appear in the country you are connected. This will enable you to access any content from the country.

This principle is also applicable when traveling abroad or circumventing government restrictions. If you’re in a country that blocks Instagram or Facebook (ex. You would connect to a VPN server in a country that allows you to access these websites, such as China or the UAE.

Best VPN Location for Fast Speeds

Two factors affect VPN speed: the distance from your real location and the server’s load. A VPN server’s load and distance from you will affect the speed of your page loading time and download speeds. This is particularly true in countries that have a poor internet infrastructure.

The load of a VPN server is usually an indication of how much traffic it handles at any given moment. This server will likely slow down your internet speed if it has a high load. It is best to connect the server with the lowest load to get the fastest speeds.

Other factors can also affect internet speed, even if they are not directly connected to VPN. These could include internet speed, ISP routing, and the type of internet connection.

The closest VPN server to you is the best for fast speeds. It could be a VPN server located in your country. Continue reading to find out if it is safe to connect to one country.

The best location for privacy and security

Technically, a VPN connection has the same privacy and security no matter where it is connected. However, the data retention laws of the countries you connect to or the VPN company’s location play a part in this.

Some countries permit or require the collection of user data. These personal data might be shared by intelligence agencies or governments. These laws may present a greater risk, but not always! A VPN provider might log something on their servers.

Due to these laws, VPN companies might have to keep no logs. Therefore, VPN companies that are best based in countries where they are not required to store any user data will be the best. It is much more difficult for intelligence agencies to force VPNs into giving them this information.

VPN providers guarantee your privacy regardless of where you connect to their VPN servers. No matter where you connect to a VPN server, VPN providers will protect your privacy.

Can you use a VPN server within your country

Although it may sound like you are not being private when connecting to your country, this is not the case. A VPN can be used in your country to protect you and your data. Your traffic will be protected from ISPs and snoopers, but it will still be encrypted. The VPN logs policy, as well as the laws of the country where the VPN provider is located, are important to protect your privacy.

Which country offers the best VPN?

It is best to use VPN services in countries that don’t regulate the collection of personal data. These countries usually have laws that are favorable to regular internet users and protect consumers. This allows VPN companies to easily follow their no-logs policies.

These are the top countries to use a VPN


Panama flag

Panama does not have any data retention laws. This is a great advantage for VPN companies, as they do not allow any personal information to be kept. NordVPN a trusted VPN based in Panama with strict no-log policies.

The British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands Flag

The British Virgin Islands currently does not have a data protection law. VPN companies can keep no logs because of this. ExpressVPNSurfshark both have their headquarters in this country and are excellent VPN services.


Switzerland Flag

Switzerland is committed to protecting internet users’ data. Without informing individuals, the law prohibits any data collection. It is a great place to set up a VPN because of its strict privacy laws. This country is home to a well-known VyprVPN provider.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Flag

Hong Kong, unlike China, requires that the user be informed about any data collection. There is an audited, cheap no-log PureVPN.

Update:in 2020 a new national privacy act was passed. This law applies to a handful of VPN companies, and some of them have moved their headquarters from Hong Kong.


It is often the closest location that provides the best VPN server. It will provide the best performance and speed. You need to select a country for streaming or unblocking content. VPNs that are the best have many servers and locations to choose from.


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