how to access the dark web on any device

You will need a Tor browser to access certain Tor hidden services. It is available for Windows, macOS and Android. This browser is 100% safe and free to download from the Tor Project website.

How do I access the Dark Web on Windows

You need Tor Browser to access Dark Web on Windows. This is how you get Dark Web.

1. Go to and download the windows installer:

2. You can install Tor browser using the Windows installer that you have just downloaded

3. Once installed, launch Tor Browser to access Dark Web4. You can test your access by visiting a.onion website, which you can find in this article.

How to access Dark Web on Mac

  1. Go to and download the Mac installer:

2. Tor browser can be installed from the Mac installer that you have just downloaded

3. Once installed, launch Tor Browser to access the Dark Web

4. You can test access by visiting a.onion website, which you can find in this article.

Access Dark Web on Android

You can download Tor Browser for Android from GooglePlay or install it directly via GooglePlay.

1. Search for Tor on Google Play App

2. Click install

3. Then Open

4. To test the access try to visit a .onion domain website which you can find in the article below.

How to Access Dark Web on iOS

Onion Browser is required to access Dark Web via iOS. The Tor Project claims that Onion Browser is less safe than Tor Browser because of technical limitations on the iOS platform.

A screenshot from

An onion browser for iOS can be downloaded from the App Store.

Access Deep Web without Tor Browser

Even if you don’t have the Tor browser, there is still a way to connect to the Tor network. VPN providers have special server configurations that route traffic via Tor network to increase anonymity. These are known as “Tor over VPN” and “Onion over VPN” servers. VPN traffic can access Dark Web content through your regular browser because it is routed via Tor Network. Simply connect to a VPN server, and you can start browsing. Only a handful of VPN providers offer this service, such as NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

What is Dark Web?

There are many rumors out there about the dark side internet. These rumors range from red rooms to scary videos, illegal content, and other activities. Here are some things you can find on the dark internet.

  1. Search engines and hidden service lists
  2. Marketplaces for commercial and financial services (fraud excluded)
  3. Marketplaces for guns and drugs
  4. Hosting services
  5. Forums and blogs
  6. Anonymous messaging and email services
  7. Political content that is not censored
  8. Malware shops and hacking services
  9. Pornography (illegal included).
  10. Non-English content, and even more uncategorized stuff!

Where can I find Dark Web sites to visit?

Because.onion URLs appear like a collection of numbers and letters, it can be difficult to remember or type these gibberish URLs. Here are some resources that can help you navigate the Dark Web. – an extensive list of hidden services, however The Hidden Wiki on the Deep Web has way much bigger URL repository ( http://kpvz7ki2v5agwt35.onion ).

To help you navigate the Dark Web once you have reached it, you might try Torch, one of the oldest search engines available on the network. You can also access Torch via this link.

Here’s a list with Tor search engines that you can use:

  1. DuckDuckGo – http://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion
  2. Torch (on Tor Network) – http://xmh57jrzrnw6insl.onion/
  3. Not Evil – http://hss3uro2hsxfogfq.onion/
  4. Grams – http://grams7enufi7jmdl.onion
  5. Ahmia (on clearnet) –

Can I access the Dark Web illegally?

Although Dark Web can be a source of criminal activity and doubtful content, it is legal to access it. However, there are some things that could get you in trouble. You can find prohibited content and services on the Dark Web that are not allowed in most countries. It is illegal to own or host such a marketplace, where illegal activity occurs. Although illegal to order or distribute unregulated substances, accessing the Dark Web for a peek at the prices or other information is legal. It is difficult to track who visits the Dark Web websites. However, anonymity makes it very difficult to identify the source of the traffic. But the question is: can you feel secure?

Can I browse the Dark Web safely?

It is safer to be safe than sorry when browsing unknown waters. The risk of your personal data being exposed or downloaded maliciously is higher when you are browsing in unknown waters due to the presence of hackers, illegal activities, and strange websites. Routing your traffic to Tor network to clearnet is considered dangerous. The Tor Exit node (or Tor network exit) can be accessed by an eavesdropper who can manipulate or inspect your internet traffic. It is therefore best to use VPNs that encrypt your entire traffic within a VPN tunnel. This will prevent attackers from seeing any site you visit, hide your identity, and prevent them manipulating your information.

A short history of the Dark Web

Freenet is one of the earliest examples of the Dark Web or Dark Net. It was created from an academic paper by Ian Clark in 1999. This project was designed to bypass internet censorship and allow free speech and ideas. Freenet used encryption and anonymity to allow secure file sharing over the network. The Tor project was eventually created. It was funded initially by the US military to provide a secure and anonymous method of communication in the event of an emergency. With the creation of Bitcoin in 2000, anonymous online payments were possible. Since then, Tor network gained popularity among scammers, drug dealers and hackers and has become a hideout for other illegal activities rather than a place for free speech. Dark Web today offers anonymity and secure communications. Tor, which is considered to be one of the largest Dark Webs along with I2P and Freenet, can be accessed through a Tor Browser browser.

Short: How does Dark Web/Tor Network work

Tor Network, the largest Dark Web available, can be accessed through Tor Browser developed and maintained by Tor Project. It uses Firefox as its base browser. It is pre-configured to offer security and anonymity. Tor network offers anonymity through a technique called onion routing. It makes your connection jump through multiple relays within the Tor-network, changing your IP address each time. This makes it very difficult to trace your identity.


Tor browser, which can be installed on Windows, Android, Linux, and iOS, allows access to the Dark Net, or specifically Tor network. It is extremely anonymous and difficult to track its users. Therefore, the Dark Net has many websites including drug markets and illegal content. There are many other Dark Nets, including Tor, which is the largest. Freenet and I2P are the precursors to all dark nets. It is recommended to use Tor with a VPN service to route your internet traffic through a highly encrypted VPN tunnel. This will provide additional security, protect your personal data, and reduce the risk of your identity being exposed. VPNs can prevent hackers from modifying your data and conceal the fact that you are trying to access Tor from your ISP.


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